Friday, November 7, 2008

Iconic Architecture

Building sports facilities in the Midway area isn't simply a functional exercise. Each college naturally wants their own facilities on-campus, both for the convenience of students and institutional pride. 

To overcome that, we need to support facilities that would be difficult for a solo-institution to support while at the same time being designed with a flare and scale that would draw international attention. We want prospective college students to be excited about attending a Minneapolis-Saint Paul college because they have the opportunity to use the best and most exciting facilities of their kind in the world. The same would go for attracting bio-science workers to our region.

The image shown here is of a proposed multi-purpose sports complex that could be configured for basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, wresting and weightlifting. There would be nothing else like it in the world. With 15 potential courts, it would be an ideal location for all kinds of regional and national tournaments. It could be used by area colleges, high schools, park districts, clubs and many others. The space between courts could be used for sports-medicine clinics, offices, classrooms, treadmills and free-weights, restaurants and other uses.

As part of a collection of similarly iconic sports architecture, this complex can become an architectural symbol of our region.

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